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Environmental, Social and Governance

At Magma, we are committed to making sustainable choices wherever we can and we are constantly working to reduce our environmental footprint. In line with our values, we strive to be at the forefront of ESG best practice for SME manufacturing manufacturing firms globally. We are proud to be a manufacturer in the South West, and strive to source locally wherever possible. 

Future Net Zero Commitment

We are an accredited Future Net Zero manufacturer and we are proud to publish our reports and certificates below.

Operation Clean Sweep


We are also signatories to 'Operation Clean Sweep' an initiative to reduce the amount of plastic which makes its way from manufacturing plants into the water system and then on into our waterways and the ocean.

Helping Others in the South West

We also work closely with the local manufacturers' association, the Plymouth Manufacturing Group, on a range of ESG initiatives, including carbon neutrality. In this forum, we share our experiences of implementing an ESG programme and we support others on their net zero journey.

Waste and Water Reduction

We are committed to trying to reduce our production of waste and our water usage by 5% or more per year.

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