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Current Vacancies

We are currently looking for a Maintenance Engineer - please see Job Description. If you believe that you might be a good fit for Magma Moulding, please send us a note by using the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Our approach to hiring

Magma is committed to creating and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where every individual is valued, respected, and provided with equal opportunities. We believe that embracing diversity and promoting inclusion enhances our company's culture, creativity, and overall success.


Magma's diversity and inclusion commitments are as follows:


  • Equal Opportunity: We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities based on merit, qualifications, and abilities, free from any form of discrimination or harassment.

  • Inclusion: We strive to create an inclusive workplace culture where every individual feels welcomed, valued, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and talents.

  • Respect and Dignity: We expect all employees to treat one another with respect and dignity, fostering an environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, bullying, or any form of prejudice.

  • Accessibility: We are dedicated to providing reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities to ensure equal access and opportunities in the workplace.

  • Continuous Improvement: We are committed to ongoing learning, improvement, and accountability in our diversity and inclusion efforts.


We are also committed to the provision of equal opportunities and Magma's policy is to treat all applicants and candidates in the same way, regardless of sex, marital and/or civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, sexual orientation, religion or belief, gender reassignment (whether proposing to undergo, is undertaking or has undergone the process), race (including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin), age and disability. 


We strive to attract and hire diverse talent by implementing fair and inclusive recruitment practices, ensuring job advertisements encourage diverse applicants, and leveraging diverse sourcing channels.

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